Monday, September 5, 2011

Prora III

The last images of Prora
Due to German law it is not permitted to show all the images.
even if these images are presented as art or documentation of history.
In Germany it is only allowed to speak from the perspective of the winners of the history of the "Second World War."
All other sides are wrong and forbidden by Set.
Only if you cheat the government for taxes, there may be a harsher sentence.

This limitation is also a reason why no investor is willing to buy this plant, and to make them what they should be: the most beautiful seaside resort of Europe.
Since this year, at least a portion of Block 5 was built as a hostel. Resistance against any of the local hotel lobby.
The hostel is equipped with a bed of 400, the longest in the world. This summer, she was completely booked. (link is at the bottom)

they present some informations about the NVA, the old east german army, called: National (V)Folks Army, the NVA used the completed partions of this plant

 nature is comming back

a view what it should be 

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