Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Berlin impressions

some more impressions from Berlin
during the last 20 years, Berlin was also known as the biggest construction site of europe
but now after 20 years of building, the city looks really nice, of course there are still some building sites, but they are much less.
the city has now much green, clean streets, good air, and almost very nice storefronts, mixed through many epochs of the last centuries
Berlin is still the cheaper then London or Paris, but since more more companys come to Berlin, in the future this might not be true

TV Tower trough Brandenburger Tor
Berlin TV Tower through Brandenburger Tor
the TV Tower, is the highest bulding in germany, and the 4th free standing structure in europe 

quadriga at "Brandenburger Tor"
Quadriga on top of Brandenburger Tor
its the most known symbol of Berlin
because its not only a symbol of Berlin, its the symbol of the time from 1945 till 1990

Reichstag Berlin
you can visit the dome, and watch the german government

Figure at Reichstag Berlin
figures at Reichstag

German Chancellery
German Chancallery
just the part at the river: Spree

TV Tower Berlin behind Reichstag
TV Tower and Reichstag

Figure at Reichstag Berlin
Figure at Reichstag

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