Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Prora II

Some new photos from "Seebad Prora"

the beach resort prora is the longest building in the world, it is 4.5 km long. It is of 8 different parts, where all parts look the same.
The building was planed and partly completed between 1935 till 1939. With the beginning of the second world war, the build was stopped.
At the end, there should have place for 20.000 visitors. Each visitor should have a view on the sea.
The idea was come up during the early 20th years. During the "Weimarer Republik" there come up a new law, that all employes got 20 days vacation per year. With this law for the most employes it was possible to travel somewhere. So resorts was needed.
The building itself has won a Grand Price prices at World Expo during this time.
This reinforced concrete construction was very modern.
The 9 biggest and well known construction companys had worked together, that's also the reason why this 8 blocks differ a bit in construction, because they use some different styles.

Prora I

Prora II
not finished block

Prora III
some supply building

Prora IV
nature around Prora

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